Samsung Galaxy S Series Fashion Galaxy S21 Fe Phone Case Transparent


SKU: DYXH-1000289 Category:
Applicable Brands Samsung
Material TPU + PC
Craftsmanship Manual
Category Galaxy S Series
Department Phone Case
Style Fashion
Popular Elements Transparent
Is It Customizable? Yes
Function Anti-fall Case
Type Back Cover
Compatible With Magsafe No
Applicable Model Galaxy S21 FE

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Fashion Back Cover Phone Case, a stylish and protective accessory designed specifically for your Galaxy S21 FE. This case combines fashion and functionality to enhance the look of your device while providing reliable protection.

Crafted with a combination of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and PC (Polycarbonate) materials, this back cover phone case offers excellent protection against accidental drops, impacts, and scratches. The TPU provides flexibility and shock absorption, while the PC adds durability and strength, ensuring the safety of your Galaxy S21 FE.

The transparent design allows the natural beauty of your Galaxy S21 FE to shine through, showcasing its sleek and elegant design. The transparent case adds a touch of minimalism and sophistication, allowing you to enjoy the original aesthetics of your device.

The anti-fall function provides reliable protection against accidental slips and falls, ensuring the safety of your Galaxy S21 FE. The sturdy construction and manual craftsmanship create a secure fit, preventing scratches and damage.

Although this phone case is not compatible with Magsafe, it offers a customizable option. You have the freedom to personalize the case with your name, initials, or any design of your choice, making it a truly unique and personalized accessory that reflects your individuality.

Crafted with manual craftsmanship, this phone case showcases attention to detail and ensures a precise fit for your Galaxy S21 FE. It provides easy access to all buttons, ports, and features, allowing you to use your device without any hassle.

Protect your Galaxy S21 FE with this fashionable and protective back cover phone case. Embrace the transparent design and let the beauty of your device shine through. Get yours today and make a stylish statement while keeping your Galaxy S21 FE safe and secure.

Weight 1 kg


Applicable Model

Galaxy S21 FE


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